About Sportslink

SPORTSLINK™ Group's history dates back to 1980 when its founder and current Chairman, Mr K.T.Lim, started a book and stationery shop selling an assortment of goods including some basic sports shoes and equipment after observing that school children often got blisters from wearing canvas shoes instead of proper sports footwear.

As athletes grew, Mr Lim’s humble shop brought in more brands and a larger selection of sports footwear and equipment. Finally, in 1994, SPORTSLINK was incorporated and the company grew to 5 outlets, offering a wider range of international products and brands.

To spread the passion for sports and introduce quality products to every Singaporean, SPORTSLINK ventured into the suburban malls. Between 1996 and 2002, a total of 11 heartland outlets in places such as Hougang Mall, Whitesands, Causeway Point, Jurong Point and Tiong Bahru Plaza were opened.

At SPORTSLINK™ Group, we believe in the potential of all athletes and that given the right equipment and training, they can perform at their best. Thus, the goal was to create stores with more specialised products and services to help them find what they need to push their own boundaries.

SPORTSLINK™ Group Specialty Stores
1. HOOPS FACTORY – Basketball Specialty Store
2. RUNNER’S EDGE – Running Specialty Store
3. SOLECASE - Lifestyle Sneaker Store

Today, our company has 26 outlets island-wide. SPORTSLINK™ Group remains committed to providing superior products and service to all levels of athletes. We will not stop to inspire our customers to engage in more sports, to have fun and keep fit at the same time.